Required and Prohibited Search Words
Attaching one of the following operators will either require or prohibit words from appearing in the search results. 
[ + /
 Attaching a + (plus sign) to a word requires that the word be found in all of the search results.

[- / AND NOT]:
 Attaching a - (minus sign) in front of a word requires that the word not be found in any of the search results.
Search for exact phrases using quotation marks (" ")
Putting quotes around a set of words will find items with those exact words in sequence.
Wildcard Matching (*)
Attaching a * to the right-hand side of a word will return left side partial matches.
Search Command Summary
Here is a summary of the search commands available to you:
Search for Command Example
One word AND another
Use space between words
Use AND between words
Use + between words
computer monitor
computer and monitor
computer + monitor

Returns listings with the words computer and monitor.
One word OR another word1 OR word2